Xenlayer Paravirtualization Solutions

The 11,000 square foot Data Center facility XenLayer is housed in, contains everything needed to ensure your mission-critical Internet operation is functioning at the highest perfomance levels. XenLayer philosophy is to offer the most up-to-date features and technology in our services, whilst providing the fullest extent of management and support, as to allow our clients to conserve time and resources.


XenLayer Virtualmin theme

The XenLayer Virtualmin theme is based on the original Virtualmin Framed Theme, with some light modifications to colors and buttons to give it a hover effect and a more modern look and feel. It works as a standalone Webmin and Usermin theme as well (install separately). The XenLayer logo is not included in this public release.

- xenlayer-theme.wbt.gz
- 2.16 MB


XenLayer Webmin standalone theme

Install this theme if you are using a barebone Webmin installation without Virtualmin. This version is based on the Webmin Gray Framed Theme and does not modify the index page.

- xenlayer-webmin-barebone-theme.wbt.gz
- 1.92 MB